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5 Pack Bag O' Bugs pouch (no bugs)

After over a year of R&D we are introducing our Bag O' Bugs pouches.  We were constantly being asked if we could provide a different source of containment for our bugs.  


These pouches are revolutionary in the canine scent detection field and one of the United States premire trainers Jill and Matt Skogen from Iron Heart Training Center said:


 "The cloth pouches have raised the bar on the training of bedbug dogs.  Having the ability to present a more realistic scent plume coupled with the ability to hide the narrow pouches nearly anywhere has resulted in bedbug dogs that are much more road ready when the handler takes possession.  The pouches from Cheap Bedbugs.Com are a definite game changer".


Matt Skogen

Director of Training

IronHeart High Performance Working Dogs, LLC.


You will recieve the following:

5 Bag O' Bugs pouches (no bugs)

5 Clamps to seal the pouches

5 Pack Bag O' Bugs pouch (no bugs)

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