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Providing the best and healthiest bed bugs for sale

So many questions crossed my mind:

  • What will I do if the bed bugs I have die suddenly?

  • How would I train my canine without live bed bugs?

  • How do I know if field bed bugs have pesticide or other odors on them?

  • Will field bed bugs make my dog sick?

  • Will I hamper my dog’s ability to accurately detect if I use contaminated bed bugs?

  • Why doesn’t someone just have bed bugs for sale?

  • Am I supposed to feed them on myself?

  • Do I really want to have itchy bits all over my body all the time?

  • What will my family think if they see bites all over me?

  • Is it healthy to feed bed bugs on myself over a prolonged period of time?

Hi, I'm Tommy Hebert, owner of

In 2010, I started a canine scent detection business

(Inspector Hound) in the Louisiana area to help address the rapidly growing bed bug epidemic in the United States.

Almost immediately, I learned that finding healthy, live bed bugs for sale was non-existent, inconvenient, and cumbersome at best. Frustration set in as I watched each bug die.

bed bugs for sale photo of bed bug detecting canine

It quickly became apparent that the market needed someone who could supply healthy, safe, reliable, uncontaminated bed bugs for sale to canine scent detection companies. Unfortunately, that person didn’t exist.

It is my mission to provide the best and healthiest bed bugs for sale to canine handlers and others with this unique need.

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