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Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Bed Bugs


We sell healthy, living bed bugs wholesale to verified scent detection canine owners and Pest Control Professionals. Only these verified professionals can buy bedbugs from us.

How do I start a bed bug farm?

A bed bug farm is a lot of work, but it can be done. Because bed bugs don’t easily climb smooth surfaces, a glass aquarium is a good start. Be sure to verify that the aquarium is sealed and that the bugs cannot climb up the glue on the corners. Regularly clean the glass so the bed bugs cannot escape.

How do I keep the bed bugs alive?

Bed bugs eat blood and blood only. They aren’t picky to a particular animal. At, we use a custom made blood feeding machine.

How do you feed bed bugs?

Unfortunately this is one of the things I cannot share.

Can I feed them on myself?

I DO NOT authorize or recommend feeding bed bugs on yourself or others. Though research indicates that disease is not passed by bed bugs -- I’m unaware of any research regarding the health effect of feeding bed bugs on oneself for long periods of time. I must again state that I DO NOT authorize or recommend that anyone do it.

How are the bed bugs contained?

Bed bugs are sent in containers like those you probably trained with. The top has a fine screen that bugs cannot bypass, but allows the scent to escape. During shipping, extra precautions are taken to ensure that these insects cannot escape. It is critical that the package be opened very soon so that the bugs do not suffocate.

How do I handle bed bugs?

When handling bed bugs, it is important to choose a safe place and avoid distractions. Two ideal spots for handling open vials are CLEAN; uncluttered bath tubs and CLEAN; uncluttered sinks. Should a pest escape, they are more than likely trapped in the sink. Be sure to inspect your hands slowly and carefully over the sink repeatedly. Once done, secure bed bugs in a container and wash off your hands and the sink with hot water. Because heat kills bed bugs, the hotter the water the better. Be careful not to scold yourself. This extra step of washing everything down with hot water helps further protect your home from an accidental infestation.

How do I store bed bugs?

When not using the bed bugs, be sure to put them in a place where they cannot escape or be accessed by small children. The more precaution you can take, the less likely you are to have problems. Placing vials in a zip lock bag is a good start. Placing the zip lock bag in an empty aquarium is even better. Use your best judgment.

As much as possible, keep them away from heat, sunlight, and CO2 when not being used. Keep them out of your pocket as the heat just keeps them exited. 60F is ideal for storage

How long will bed bugs live?

Life span depend on many factors. Some bugs may die in a few days, while others could live for 2 or more months. The primary factor you can control is how you handle them, so handle with care as much as possible and expect to get better over time.

Though university research suggests bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding, this is definitely a best case scenario. Unfortunately the way canine handlers use bed bugs is closer to worst case scenarios.

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